What are the best places to visit in Nashik?


Nashik is wine and grape city of India. This city is located on the Godavari River which flows through the old city. A divine city is a great place in the hearts of millions of worshipers of God. Nashik as enjoys high value owing to its spiritual importance comprising hundreds of temples and mythological stories.

According to mythology, Ram (along with Sita and Lakshman) made Nashik his home during his 14 years of exile from Ayodhya. They lived in the area now known as “Panchavati”.

Nashik city got the name from an incident where by Lakshman cut the nose Surpanakha. She is the sister of demon Ravan.

Being the third biggest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune, Nashik has also won an award of the Best Tourist Friendly City of India. Nashik, being a divine city after every 12 years hosts one of the largest spiritual gatherings around the globe, Maha Kumbh Mela.

Best places to visit in Nashik

Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple: built by Sardar Rangarao Odhekar in around 1790. Odhekar took the statue from a river and built the temple. This temple is 70 ft high with skillfully sculptured idols of Lord Ram and Sita, along with Lakshman in black stone. This temple is considered to the most creative work in religion.

Sita Gufaa

Sita Gufaa: The cave where Sita was staying when Ravana (antagonist of Ramayana) came to kidnap her as a revenge of Lakshman cutting nose of his sister Surpanakha, is located on the western door of the Kalaram temple. ‘Lakshman Rekha’ drawn by Lakshman for the shield of Sita is the situated on one kilometer from the caves.


Tapovan: literally means grounds reserved for meditation and reparation. There is such a ground for reparation ahead of Panchavati and so was called Tapovan. The sages used to meditate in close proximity to the lush green nature. This place has temples of Laxmana and Hanuman. Even today, this locale captivates mind because of Godavari’s silently gurgling stream, long stretch of green woods and closeness to jungle’s plants and animals.

Ramdas Swami’s Ashram, Takli

Ramdas Swami’s Ashram, Takli: ‘Simple living and high thinking’ was the mantra what he was preaching. He also promoted the Hindu religion. Samarth Ramdas ran off from his marriage life and settled down at Takli for meditation. He was a worshiper of Lord Ram and meditated with the words Shri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram for 13 crores times in 12 years. There is also a Hanuman Temple on the bank of river Nandini or Nasardi.

River Banks of Godavari

River Banks of Godavari:

The place is marked for the Kumbh Mela bathing and gets full of pilgrims from every corner of the world during the occasion.

A spacious cleavage on boulders along the riverbed is called Brahma Yoni. Very close by is the Kapil Tirth. On the right bank of Godavari, there are eleven rocky spacious spaces where rishi-munis must have been moving back for communions. There are temples of Gopal Krishna and Lakshmi-Narayan and the famous Goshala (cow-shed) built here in 1904. In ancient time, this land made sacred by the touch of Lord Rama’s feet.

Nashik sites and location

A variety of sites and location which can serve as the excellent picnic spots in and around Nashik city. Here is the list of few picnic spots in and around Nashik city are Panchavati temple complex, Muktidham, waterfall, Sita Gufa and Sula Vineyard.

More tourist places in and around Nashik also includes Vineyards, Someshwar Temple, Ramkund, Sundarnarayan temple, Godavari River, Gangapur Dam, Trimbakeshwar, Tringal wadi Fort and the toughest trek in the Sahyadri called Alang, Madan and Kulang Forts.

How to Reach Nashik

The nearest airport is Mumbai with a distance of 175 km (via NH 160). Nashik railway station is one of the major stations of the Central Railway. There are a number of trains that connect Nashik to other cities and towns. Nashik is 185 km from Mumbai and can reach through NH-3 via Thane-Kasar-Igatpuri. Nashik is 220 km away from Pune. There are several private luxury video coach and state buses available between Nashik and cities like Pune, Shirdi, Aurangabad and Mumbai. Maharashtra State Transport buses connect Nashik to distant places of Maharashtra. Taxi service is also available between Nashik and Mumbai.


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