How the name of Chalisgaon is formed?

Chalisgaon” name is a combination of two Marathi words Chalis + Gaon, In Marathi, Chalis means Forty and Gaon means Villages that’s why the name can be describe as Forty Villages.

I don’t know that is exactly the story how the name Chalisgaon is formed, but what I have heard from someone, I don’t remember that.

So here is the story,
Once there was a king. He had a huge kingdom and he had very fond of going to forest to catch the animals. Once he had gone to the forest and saw a little deer. As soon as he pulled out his arrow and aimed at him, the deer starts running. King follows him on his horse for very long time, but couldn’t catch him. While catching the deer, king enters in deep forest and forgets his path. It was the time of hot summer and after the long chasing the deer, kings became dehydrated. He tried to find the river or any water source but couldn’t find water. After few hours, when king was almost died, a marshal came and gave him the water and food. He took him to his hut and coddled the king. By his service and nursing, king got happy and offers him the 40 villages (40 gaon) and asks him to come to his fort whenever he wants to take his gift. After that the king went away.

After going to fort, he thought, the marshal only give him some water and food and he stupidly offer him forty villages. He called his prime guru and told him the story. On that the prime guru told him the idea “pick forty families from forty different villages and form a new village and name it as Chalisgaon. By doing this, you will fulfill your promise as well as he would not get forty villages”

That is the story behind, how the name of Chalisgaon is formed?


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