Convert pixel to rem if :root font-size is 16px

If you have px-to-rem conversion :root { font-size: 16px; } You can use the following table px-to-rem conversion. 10px 0.625rem 11px 0.6875rem 12px 0.75rem 13px 0.8125rem 14px 0.875rem 15px 0.9375rem 16px 1rem 17px 1.0625rem 18px 1.125rem 19px 1.1875rem 20px 1.25rem…

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Khandoba Jejuri / श्रीक्षेत्र जेजुरी, कुलस्वामी खंडेरायाची नगरी

Jejuri जेजुरी गावाच्या दक्षिणेकडील डोंगरावर साधारणपणे पंच्याहत्तर मीटर उंचीवर मल्हारी-मार्तंडाचे मंदिर आहे. मंदिराला पूर्व, पश्चिम व उत्तर अशा तीनबाजूनी पायरीमार्गांनी जाता येते. त्यापैकी पूर्व व पश्चिमेकडील पाय-या अरुंद व अर्धवट बांधकाम स्थितील असल्याने त्यांचा वापर सहसा होत नाही.
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Basic Guidelines and Checklist for Website Testing

Here you can find information about the website testing techniques. So your website looks nice colours, images and interesting content. It’s ready for public viewing. Well, most of the readers were asking for long lists of questions on Website Testing…

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On-page Optimization SEO Basic Techniques

on page seo techniques

On-page and Off-page SEO Search engine optimization is divided in two categories On-page Optimization and Off-page SEO both factors have to do with elements of your website. On-page factors include the quality of your code – textual and visual content…

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Top 5 Automated Web Based Testing Tools

Automated Web Based Testing Tools

Automation testing tools is a part of software testing. Apply on the software that test fast to execute. It is a reliable process and result of testing is accurate. Automation testing tools is execute to your test case of the repeatable…

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