The Top 6 Tourist Destinations in North India

Dal lake Kashmir

List of amazing places to visit in north India include the best hill stations, religious centers, perfect for holidays and tourist destinations in north India. Kashmir Kashmir is most beautiful place in the world. Known for stunning views, colourful culture,…

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Simple steps and process of website development life cycle

website development process of web production

Simple steps of website development process of web production. For an organized process of website development follow a number of standard or specific frameworks, modeling tools, methodologies and languages. The development team should follow the timeline and quality control. Website…

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Villages Under Chalisgon Tahsil

Villages List of Chalisgaon Tahsil with Population Villages Under Chalisgon Tahsil of Jalgaon, Maharashtra Sr. No. Village Name Population 1 Abhone 875 2 Adgaon 1,914 3 Alwadi 1,307 4 Ambehoi 4,274 5 Andhari 1,486 6 Bahal 7,897 7 Bangaon 1,962…

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Sword of Hazrat Pir Musa Qadri Baba

Sword of Pir Musa Qadri Baba Chalisgaon

Thousands of year’s pious Sword of Pir Musa Kadari Baba. The pious Sword is handed by the Muslim Saint. He come from Arabsthan he got one Sword with him. He had never lost any battle to that wonderful Sword. And…

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