Sword of Hazrat Pir Musa Qadri Baba

Bhalchandra Deshmukh

Thousands of year’s pious Sword of Pir Musa Kadari Baba. The pious Sword is handed by the Muslim Saint. He come from Arabsthan he got one Sword with him. He had never lost any battle to that wonderful Sword. And he handed the sword with his worship and benedictions. Pious Sword is now present with Shree Rajubhai alias Bhalchandra Deshmukh living at Bahal Gate, Main road, Chalisgaon.

Devotees arrange fairs everywhere but here at Chalisgaon we see the shining fair in the name of Baba’s Wonderful Sword with scenes of enjoyable celebrations. The procession starts from living place of Shree Rajubhai alias Bhalchandra Deshmukh and ends at the Baba’s pious tomb. There is a tomb of Pir Baba on the bank of Dongary River in the South-West of Chalisgaon. Here lakhs of Hindu – Muslim devotees join the big fair. The procession takes place once a year in the month of Rajjab (Month According to Muslim Calender ) on 14,15 and 16.

Talwar (Sword of Pir Musa Kadari Baba)

Sword of Pir Musa Qadri Baba Chalisgaon

The vision (Darshan) of Pious Sword is opened on every Thursday, the days of moonless and full moon night in the morning between 7.00 am to 9.00 am. At the time of procession in the month of Rajjab (Month According to Muslim Calendar) on 13,14,15,16 the vision (Darshan) is opened at all over the day.

Pious Sword gives relief to our worries, troubles, ailments and diseases. They get spiritual energy with the sight of Pious Sword. This gives great relief. Where there are no remedies the Pious Sword gives energy and relief. This is the experience of all who join the procession of the Pious Sword.

This activity is seen in this city even today. Those who worship Baba join the procession for at least two hours from the corners of World and their every wish is fulfilled.

Pujya Talwar Pir Musa Kadari Baba Alias Bamoshi Baba Trust, Chalisgaon.

Reg No: E/1329.

Address: Talwar Bhavan, Near Old Municipal Council Office, Near Bahalgate, Chalisgaon 424101.


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